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Akonadi - the independent solution for PIM data

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Will Stephenson

Akonadi enables the efficient implementation of interfaces to users' most important data. This talk presents the benefits of using Akonadi for your project.

Akonadi is a service for the storage of personal information: address books, reminders, messages and more. Its modern design allows an integrated experience when storing and accessing user data. A clean, lean design, founded in over 12 years of experience in FLOSS PIM software, followed by three years of development have produced a mature product with a broad range of interfaces and supporting tools.

Akonadi is designed to meet peoples' needs in managing the data that defines them, and to extend to accommodate future requirements by being data type agnostic at its core. Its modular design around a minimal storage core allows for extensibility, scalability and customisation to specific deployments. A wide variety of resources make the core capable of storing and accessing many standard PIM data types and services.

Akonadi is implemented using standard technologies for portability. Its federated components ensure robustness, and communicate using open protocols allowing Akonadi to be easily extended. It is supported by comprehensive test suites, support tools and documentation.

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Will Stephenson is a software engineer at Novell. Several years on the KDE team have given him experience of everything that can go wrong on the Free Software desktop and the rewards of community building around the openSUSE distribution. His personal interests have ranged from Instant Messaging integration in the desktop, to PIM development, to network management clients and offline mode, to tools development. Will's natural enemy is the Stroopwaffel.