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Desktop search: Extracting semantic meta data

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Jos van den Oever

File formats sit between you and your data. Semantic technologies make your data more accessible. Libstreamanalyzer extracts data from files and makes it available to applications via a uniform file-format independent API. Libstreamanalyzer is an LGPL library and is used by many applications. Libstreamanalyzer is especially efficient at reading data from streams. This capability makes it fast and flexible. Files that are embedded in another file or a data stream can be analysed easily. Libstreamanalyzer is involved in Nepomuk and Xesam, two technologies that are becoming more important on the desktop.

This talk will explain the concepts and technology behind libstreamanalyzer. Use cases will be discussed and a walk-through is given on adding support for new file formats. It is explained how to use libstreamanalyzer to provide metadata to your application.