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Tracker: Metadata central storage for the Desktop

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Ivan Frade, Philip Van Hoof

Tracker is an indexer and metadata solution for the desktop. During the last year, the code has been rewritten and vastly improved in speed, robustness and memory consumption in order to include it in the newest Maemo release (codename Fremantle). We have also gathered some ideas for further improvements, which will be included in the next tracker release and hopefully in the following Maemo release (codename Harmattan).

In this presentation I will talk about the work done and present in the 0.6.9x releases, the state of the current 0.7.x branch and the plans for future versions. The 0.7.x branch has a completely new API, a more powerful query language (SparQL), a more comprehensive ontology (Nepomuk) and the capability to store much more information from different sources.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce and discuss all these new features to the application developers. We want to show what can be done (and how) with tracker and illustrate the benefits of integrate with it: easier applications, more context information, user data in the desktop and not application "closed gardens". In the end, the success of a central storage solution depends on applications pushing/consuming data to/from it.

The availability of central storage affects the architecture of the Desktop.

In this sense, we want to show the overall ideas that drive the integration of tracker into the Maemo platform.

This presentation is oriented around application developers and UI designers in GNOME and KDE.

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Ivan Frade is a member of the GNOME foundation and works at Nokia developing Tracker and lobbying integration of Tracker with more applications.