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Bridging the Accessibility Divide: Bringing UIAutomation to Linux

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Sandy Armstrong

UIAutomation is a new Accessibility API for the .NET platform that offers a fresh perspective on the world of Assistive Technology, providing a rich and flexible interface for both applications that provide accessible information and applications that consume it. The Mono Accessibility team's mission is to bring this API to Linux, enabling users of all kinds to view Windows and Silverlight applications through the lens of Orca and other AT-SPI-based assistive technologies (ATs), and to use UIA-based ATs to access ATK-based applications. Learn about the UIAutomation specification, the advantages it brings, how we're implementing it on Linux and the work we're doing to support the existing accessibility infrastructure in GNOME and on Linux.

Author bio: 
Affiliation: Novell Sandy works on the Mono Accessibility team, where he is responsible for the implementation of the UI Automation Client API on Linux. In his spare time, he is the lead developer and maintainer of Tomboy, the popular open source note taker and personal wiki. In his extra spare time, he helps maintain Tasque, contributes to Banshee, and tweets clever quips. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife Ellery, Ellery's German Shepherd Tycho, and Tycho's Border Collie Maggie.