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Keynote from Richard Stallman. Free software and the GNU/Linux Desktop

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Richard Stallman
Richard Stallman;Stallman;free software foundation, fsf

Richard Stallman will speak about the goals and philosophy of the Free Software Movement, which campaigns for freedom so that computer users can cooperate to control their own computing activities, and how this relates to GNOME and KDE.



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Dr. Richard Stallman launched the Free Software Movement in 1983 and began development of the GNU operating system (see http://www.gnu.org) in 1984. GNU is free as in freedom (libre): everyone has the freedom to copy it and redistribute it, as well as to make changes either large or small. The GNU/Linux system, basically the GNU system with Linux added, is used on tens of millions of computers today. Stallman personally developed many GNU components, including GNU Emacs, GCC, and GDB, and recruited developers for many more including GNOME. Stallman has received the ACM Grace Hopper Award, a MacArthur Foundation fellowship, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Pioneer award, the Takeda Award for Social/Economic Betterment, and the Premio Extremadura al Conocimiento Libre, as well as several honorary doctorates.