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State of Clutter

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Emmanuele Bassi

Clutter is an open source library for developing fast, visually rich, portable and animated graphic user interfaces. Clutter is a cornerstone of the Moblin 2 platform, of the GNOME Mobile platform, and it is also used on embedded platforms like Maemo 5 and the Access Linux Platform 3.0. 

Clutter is now API and ABI stable -- or it will be, by the time you will attend this talk. What happened during the (slightly longer) 0.9 development cycle? What changed since the last 0.8 stable release? What new features have been added and what deprecations have been removed? 

This talk will be structured as 5, six minutes "lightning talks", each covering a detail of the new Clutter:

  1. Introduction to Clutter 1.0
  2. Using the new Implicit Animations
  3. Materials in COGL
  4. Low level implementations
  5. High level extensions
Author bio: 
Affiliation: Intel Emmanuele Bassi is a Software Engineer at the Intel Open Source Technology Center and he's the current Clutter maintainer -- that is to say he's the one making the releases, roaming over Bugzilla entries and generally answering questions on mailing lists and IRC.