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Who makes Maemo (apart from Nokia)

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Quim Gil

Maemo is the Linux based operating system developed by Nokia for devices like the N810 Internet Tablet. 80% of the code is open source and most of it comes from community projects. A big percentage of the open source development is done in collaboration of community driven companies whose lead developers are well known in those projects.

In this session we will look at the architecture of Maemo 5, the forthcoming version planned to be released during this year, identifying the core projects where Nokia is investing and contributing. We will also identify these companies well known by the community that are being part of the development of Maemo 5.

The objective of the session is to analyze the dependency Nokia has from the community to achieve the success of Maemo, and how this project is benfiting several community projects through direct contributions and the economic sustainability of many of its core members. Until now this collaboration has been done mostly within the GNOME project and the freedesktop.org umbrella. In addition to these ties, now Maemo is opening relationships also with the KDE community as a consequence of the Qt official support that will be incorporated in Harmattan, codename of the major release following Maemo 5.

Author bio: 
Affiliation: Nokia Quim Gil is open source advocate in the Maemo Software team at Nokia and is currently based in Helsinki with a dear partner and two kids. He works in the Maemo project since 2007. He has been involved professionally in free software misc activities since 2003, including the coordination of GUADEC 2006. Before he managed to get paid for web development misc tasks during 8 years. And even before he was a journalist in a Catalan newspaper during 7 years. Born in 1970 in Barcelona, a lovely city that he still misses somehow,