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Eclipse for Linux developers

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Andrew Overholt

The Eclipse Linux Tools project has recently been picking up a lot of steam. It is building upon the work of the Eclipse CDT (C/C++) to bring further integration of tools to the open source Eclipse IDE. The project now has tools to integrate Valgrind and OProfile with C and C++ projects. Work is also underway to bring the power of tracing data visualization and integration with SystemTap and LTTng to the developer. Tasks such as RPM .spec maintenance are also getting tooling. Combine this Linux-specific functionality with the advances in the broader Eclipse ecosystem such as the ability to associate files with their related Bugzilla entry and the real benefits of an integrated development environment become apparent. Come see the progress that is being made in Eclipse for Linux developers at this talk which will be full of demonstrations.

Author bio: 
Affiliation: Red Hat Andrew Overholt works for Red Hat in their tools group. He has been working on Eclipse-related stuff for almost five years.