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Messaging Menu case study

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Ted Gould

A great user experience involves bringing up system components of the shell quickly and in a consistent and complete manner. The messaging menu shipping in Ubuntu 9.04 is an example of an architecture that is cross-platform and has the ability to meet the requirements of next generation desktops and netbooks. A look at how this was built and how it can be extended to increase the coverage of system information throughout the desktop experience. By disconnecting the implementation of the display and the logic we can make the display start more quickly in a reasonable state and also allow the display to adapt for integration with the environment it is embedded in. Allowing for future desktop innovation to be unhindered by legacy interface implementations.

Author bio: 
Affiliation: Canonical Ted Gould is a Developer on Canonical's Ayatana project. He mainly focuses on usability issues working to make the Ubuntu Desktop the best desktop experience available for your computer. He also develops on the vector graphics program Inkscape. He enjoys great design, serene hikes with his family and a well composed photo.