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GNOME 1,2,3

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Fernando Herrera, Xan Lopez

GNOME is celebrating this year its 12th birthday. In these years we have seen two major releases and we will see the 3rd one quite soon. This talk will present in a friendly, quick and funny way the history and future of our beloved desktop. Films, songs, and cultural references will be included for you geeky pleasure.

Author bio: 
Fernando Herrera has been an open source developer since 1996. In 1997 he led the Eurielec Linux project, the first Spanish Linux distribution. Since then he has contributed to projects (usually very little contributions) like XFree86, the first linux-usb project, some KDE programs, and CiberTienda. He has also written technical articles for some spanish magazines about Unix programing, GTK+, KDE, etc. He got involved in GNOME in 2002, first doing random patches and bugfixing, and finally taking over the maintainership of our beloved bug-buddy and gconf-editor. Lately he is doing more patches, gnome-keyring work, and helping with GNOME-love days. He has worked for some major companies involved in GNOME development including Nokia and Novell.