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Personal Media Networks with Coherence and Telepathy D-Tubes

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Philippe Normand

Quoting from the Coherence project [1] website, Coherence is a Python framework designed to automate all UPnP-related tasks as much as possible and enable applications to participate in digital living networks, primarily the UPnP universe. 

The Telepathy project [2] is building a unified framework for many different kinds of real-time communications. Tubes are Telepathy's mechanism for supporting arbitrary data transfer and remote IPC. 

The UPnP A/V specification has been designed for local networks only. The combination of Telepathy and Coherence enables multimedia applications like Totem, Rhythmbox, Elisa, ... and "locked" consumer electronics devices to access UPnP networks over the Internet using XMPP. 

This combination greatly simplifies the realisation of the "access everywhere" concept and the implementation of "family and friends" networks. 

My parents can use there DLNA-enabled TV to look at my photos on my NAS, or I can access my audio-collection with my laptop from the office or with the PS3 of my friends at their party. 

The outline of the talk would include:

  • introduction to UPnP and Coherence
  • quick presentation of Telepathy and the Tubes
  • what's possible, give some ideas about how to enhance current multimedia applications with Coherence/Tubes
  • possible security issues (?)
  • demo

[1] http://coherence.beebits.net/
[2] http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/wiki/

Author bio: 
Affiliation: Fluendo Philippe Normand has worked at ENST-Bretagne (France) on home-care and domotic technologies for elderly people before joining Fluendo. He is also a contributor to Free Software projects, mostly in the Python language community. At Fluendo he works on the Elisa media-center project. Philippe has a Master degree in Computer Sciences