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Visual Refresh of Banshee: A Desktop 2.0 Application

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Aaron Bockover

Novell is proud to sponsor the open source Banshee project, the easy-to-use and beautifully polished media management application. Listen to music, manage you music library, burn your own music CDs, or synchronize your music to your portable media player or smartphone so you listen to your music on the go. Banshee also gives you the ability to subscribe to a variety of sources, including streamed music and podcasts. 

This talk will cover many of the large and exciting new features introduced in the last year and what is to come, including a new rich client UI for Banshee developed using Moonlight/XAML technology. We'll also discuss a lot of the new interesting technologies underneath Banshee including the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) which can be leveraged to script and extend Banshee in any number of languages including Python and Ruby. 

We'll spend a significant portion of the talk covering our efforts to create a rich client UI that makes Banshee relevant, easy, and fun to use on Netbooks. Here we'll also detail how and why many performance improvements were made to keep Banshee efficient and fast on these low-end devices. 

Also to be discussed are upcoming GNOME platform and foundation-level integration opportunities to help foster the GNOME project and community member involvement. 

This talk will be relevant for users who want to see the latest, greatest, and upcoming features in the Banshee pipeline, but also who like to know a little bit about what's going on under the hood. While it's not fully a developer-focused talk, it will certainly satisfy the end-user and the hacker at heart.

Author bio: 
Affiliation: Novell Aaron is the lead developer and maintainer of Banshee, the popular open source media player. He works for Novell on Banshee and other multimedia related projects in openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Also very close to the Mono and Moonlight projects, he tries his hardest to help out when a spare moment is found. Originally from North Carolina, Aaron currently lives in Boston and works from Novell's Cambridge office.