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Bugsquadding in GNOME

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Tobias Mueller

This years Bugsquad session will be about statistics, techniques and people. While we'll show, in what shape our bug database is, we'll also explain, how to use the current infrastructure appropriately in order to manage our bugs. That includes, how to use the bugtracker, the mailinglist and our IRC channel to successfully manage bugs. 

We'll have a Q&A session afterwards, where we explicitly want to introduce new triagers which will be part of the new bugsquad :). 

Besides the code itself, QA plays a major role in industrial use cases. Also, the quality of the code is tightly bound to QA, so that one thing can't live without the other. We motivate our work on QA in GNOME and will happily introduce new interested persons to the magic of quality assurance. 

Currently the major questions are:

  • How to integrated automated testing into the bug life cycle
  • How to implement automated bug reports on the user side
  • How much data do we want and need to collect?

We'd like to mention and discuss these issues with the interested community.