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Hildon: new GTK+ widgets for mobile devices

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Author(s): Alberto Garcia Gonzalez, Alejandro Garcia Castro, & Claudio Saavedra


Hildon is a set of widgets built on top of GTK+, specially written for the Nokia Internet Tablets but useful for mobile interfaces in general. Hildon widgets are designed to be simple and easy to use, and to make the most of the small screens available in mobile devices.

This talk will describe all widgets introduced in Hildon 2.2, explaining all the new features and use cases, the reasons why some standard GTK+ widgets are not particularly suited to small devices and the solutions that Hildon 2.2 brings to solve these problems.

This is a major upgrade of the toolkit. Among several style changes, this Hildon release is for the first time specifically designed to be finger friendly, introducing a panning container (kinetic scrolling) and a new range of selectors among other things.

Hildon 2.2 is included in the new major release of the Maemo platform, codenamed Fremantle. The Hildon widgets library is free software and is published under the GNU LGPL.

Author bio: Alberto Garcia loves computers since he got his first Sinclair ZX Spectrum. In the late 90s he began using GNU/Linux and in 2001 he co-founded Igalia, a Galicia-based free software company. He's currently working on the new version of the Hildon toolkit for the new release of Maemo, codenamed 'Fremantle'. Besides programming, Alberto also loves cinema, music and going to the beach.