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Multimedia in your pocket

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Author(s): Stefan Kost

I'd like to show how much portable devices are ready for content creation and multimedia editing. The idea is to put gnome/gstreamer based applications such as pitivi, jokosher and buzztard on a omap3 based device (e.g. beagle board running at 500Mhz, Maemo5 as a software stack). For each application I would go through how much of the functionality actually works and state how usable it is. (The plan is to show the UI via TV out.) Then I'd like to talk about the challenges for the porting, what are the things that I was needing to change, speak about performance and so on.

Author bio: Stefan is working as Multimedia Architect for Nokia inside Maemo Software. Before that he worked for several smaller companies doing Software from Multimedia to Webservices. Stefan has a PhD in Computer Science.

He has contributed to several open source projects in the last years. He is member of the gstreamer development team, maintainer of gtk-doc, casual contributor to several other gnome projects and main developer of his own buzztard music composer project.