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Designing Moblin-Netbook. A free desktop on a 7-10" Screen

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Nick Richards

Netbooks are different. One of these differences is that they're a product where people buy desktop Linux and actually use it. Yet most traditional desktop applications work appallingly on the small screens and dubious input devices that these devices offer. Furthermore most Free Software applications don't have the benefit of working closely with interaction or visual designers which can lead to somewhat stodgy interfaces, lacking a bit of flair.

Moblin Netbook is here to change that. A modern environment built with up to the minute free software it's been designed to work brilliantly on netbooks and should be everywhere at some point in the second half of 2009.

I'll be talking about how we made this new desktop; our process for integrating the design team with free software hackers; how you can work with us to design and build the future and design principles to adapt your application to this exciting new form factor. It should be fun.

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Nick is an Interaction Designer. He currently works at Intel in London on Moblin making stuff that he’s not allowed to talk about right now (but will be in the talk). It's very exciting though. Previously he worked for Fjord on fun projects like iPlayer mobile and for Orange on stuff he’d mostly like to forget.